Tiny civilizations known as eggy are living all around us.  Once upon a time there was a small civilization which grew every day.  Soon, it was a great kingdom, filled with small, kind little creatures called eggys.  Eggys look like small rectangular white eggs with yellow legs and are as small as a peanut.  Eggys are known for their kindness, happiness, and positivity, and they enjoy baking cookies for each other.

(Latest Book) The Missing Gardeners

The eggy friends are back in the second Eggy Adventures book! When Eggie gets an urgent message about a mystery at Liberty's castle, he and Eggio set off to the rescue! The friends soon discover things are a bit more complicated than they imagined after they meet the grasshoppers again. Join Eggie, Eggio, and Liberty in this follow-up to the Journey to Egg-ville, as they explore the lands beyond the Eggy Kingdom searching for missing friends- but what surprises will await them, and how will they know who to trust?

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(First Book) The Journey to Egg-ville

An eggy named Eggie decides to move after he becomes too popular.   Join him as he takes on this adventure and makes new friends - but what will he encounter and what challenges will he need to overcome as a little eggy adventuring away from his home?

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About the Author

Elliot D’Souza is a young author from Ontario, Canada.  He blends his love of interlocking brick systems with story telling, to inspire readers to use their imaginations and see the world from different perspectives.  His artwork consists of photography for story telling in Simcoe County, Ontario.